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I also work as a freelance colourist with extensive knowledge and experience of Davinci Resolve. I have experience grading both digital footage from high-end cameras such as Sony FS5 and the Arri Alexa Mini, as well as analogue footage shot on a variety of film stocks.  

Made by Grace Alexander 

Days to Remember is a short piece made as a way to experiment with shooting on both analogue film and on digital. Parts were shot on Kodak 50D 16mm film stock, and other parts shot digitally using the Sony FS5. The FS5 footage was then colour graded in Davinci Resolve Studio 17 to mimic the 16mm footage as closely as possible.  

I Dance Solo (2022) 

Director - Luke Howse 

D.O.P- Rufus Buzby

I Dance Solo is a short drama set in the 1980s that follows a man struggling with his HIV diagnosis. Shot on the Arri Alexa Mini and graded in Davinci Resolve Studio 17. 

Director - George King

D.O.P- Grace Alexander

A Way to Make it Work is a 30 second commercial made as part of the NAHEMI Kodak commercial competition. Shot all on Kodak 500T 16mm film stock and graded in Davinci Resolve Studio 17. 

Director - Grace Alexander

D.O.P- Stella Jordan 

The Last Generation is a short documentary that explores the decision not to have children because of the climate crisis. It was shot on a combination of the Sony FS5 in 4k, and the Arri Alexa Mini, and graded all in Davinci Studio 17.